Our experienced facilitators lead school districts and other education organizations in a complete process from Strategic Thinking through Action Cluster Planning; and they provide coaching, support, and continuous review and updates. They work directly for the Superintendent before, during and after the project in order to ensure that he or she fulfills the chief executive’s three basic responsibilities:

1. Guarantee the organization’s optimal future .
2. Develop the capacity to realize that future.
3. Personify the community’s most noble values.



1. Strategic Thinking 
    Preliminary idealizing discussion (2 days) with the planning team and others invited by the Superintendent

2. Strategic Planning
    Our proprietary Process and discipline (6-9 months) develops both the cardinal and formative features of the plan. Action is phased in other three to five years with commensuration budget allocation. All this is based on Strategics: The Art and Science of Holistic Strategy.

3. Strategic Action
    a. Strategic Organization
       The development with staff of Mutual Commitments and Expectations replaces traditional job descriptions with individual responsibilities in strategic context, and displaces the traditional organizational chart by continuously organizing to action, rather than acting within a rigid structure. Meaningful, formative evaluation becomes possible. Individual agency replaces positional authority.

    b. Action Cluster Planning
       A truly holistic system is created replication in each action-cluster (school, site or department) the Process and Discipline of the district’s strategic plan. Recognizing the principle that “nothing has meaning except in context,” each action-cluster plan is uniquely brought into the strategic intent of the district. The results are total concentration of efforts, abandonment of irrelevant programs and projects, and the discovery of new possibilities.

4. Continuous Creation
    In the way, we realize our definition strategic planning…

Distinguishing Features of The Cambrian Process

  • All decisions made based on the best interest of the student

  • Decisions reached by agreement

  • Full community involvements

  • All plans immediately actionable

  • Supporting resource allocation plan

  • No “blue-sky.” No ineffectual “visioning.”

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