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Strategic Planning.   It’s an idea whose time has come again.  Actually, it never went away.  But in the popularization of strategy, the original meaning was lost in a confusing array of imitations that usually were nothing more than long-range or comprehensive planning.  Most led to disappointment and frustration. One was merely responsive to predictions; the other, a futile attempt to preserve existing systems.


Now serious-minded leaders, Superintendents especially, are realizing that only authentic Strategic Planning has the power to create original, unique systems of learning and teaching worthy of students.  And only Strategic Organization can ensure the concentration of all energies and resources toward that extraordinary purpose. 


The Cambrian Process and Discipline is still the ultimate in Strategic Planning.  Not only has our original version been strengthened and deepened, but it is enhanced by Strategic Thinking, as the preliminary activity, and Strategic Action, as the only way to guarantee successful implementation.  In addition, our exclusive software enables a district to track, monitor, and report all aspects of the plan.


Bill Cook introduced Strategic Planning to education thirty years ago with his book Strategic Planning for America’s Schools.  This is the classic text used by colleges and the source of almost all planning by education professionals.  Since that time, he and his associates, The Cambrian Group, have facilitated more than 1,450 plans for school districts, international schools, state departments of education, education associations, and ministries of education in several countries.  They have trained over 16,000 strategic planning facilitators.


Only true understanding and pursuit of strategy can create an original, aspirational, and localized system of learning and teaching worthy of your students

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Dynamic courses for internal facilitators and superintendents.


The Cambrian Group offers a variety of keynote & conention addresses for your next leadership gathering.



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