Syntagma, pushes strategy to its ultimate power through the creation of new systems. It displaces traditional organization with Generative Organization. Syntagma is about origination, not reform; organizing to action, rather that acting according to the organization; constantly morphing, rather than static and structured; individual genius, rather than standardized measurements; and about the generation of energy, rather than the transference or dissipation of it. Obviously, Syntagma is intended for those districts who have reached maturity in strategic planning and wish to go beyond the limitations of the current traditional system.

We offer complete external facilitation conducted by our seasoned

professionals. Typically, this is done with the assistance of a local,

trained facilitator. Or our staff can conduct the entire process.

The advantages of a combination of external and internal facilitation

are (1) reduced costs, and (2) local hands-on guidance throughout

the process.






This is a one-hour presentation of the need, the theory, and the practice of Syntagma. Specific contrasts with the corporation model are drawn and the benefits of Syntagma clearly defined. Questions and discussion are invited, as time permits.




This is an extended seminar, usually three to five hours, in which each aspect of Syntagma is previewed  and discussed. It follows, step-by-step, the complete protocol for actualizing the concept. When appropriate, specific local issues are addressed in the context of the dimensions and dynamics in order to demonstrate the power and possibilities of Syntagma.




The training of local facilitors for the Syntagma protocol is offered through Cambrian. This is a 5-day course, consisting of a 3-day program followed by a two-day program. The training provides a thorough grounding in the theory of Syntagma, the understanding of each aspect of the protocol, and the preparation to facilitate the entire process. Each graduate is awarded certificate of completion.

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