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Lance L. Witte, Ed.S.

Lance is involved in a wide array of consulting initiatives. Currently, he manages Lower Brule Schools, where he is contracted to deliver administrative duties, school improvement measures, and management services. In the last four years, under Witte’s leadership, Lower Brule Schools has seen a 32% increase in enrollment due to significant improvements with educational programs. These improvements have led to substantial gains in student achievement.

Lance also serves as an Associate with The Cambrian Group, working with select clients as a lead facilitator through their strategic planning initiatives. He has facilitated strategic plans in international schools where spent over a decade living and working abroad in Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and China.

He has led school districts in the strategic planning process throughout the United States, most recently several schools in South Dakota. Lance facilitated strategic plans for Willow Lake School District, Redfield School District, and Wessington Springs School District which led to facility upgrades and the passing of construction bonds 
ranging in scope from $4.5 million - $18 million.

In addition to conducting strategic planning for school districts, Lance hasconducted strategic plans for organizations ranging from agriculture – advocacygroups. Throughout these vast experiences, Lance has served on accreditationteams, advisory boards, and as a speaker in a variety of venues.

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