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Thinking. Planning. Action.

The Cambrian Group offers the only holistic, strategic system for education in the country. Our team of associates can work to create a strategic plan for your school district, train your administrators through regional workshops, and provide software solutions to provide benchmarks for your custom plan.


On-Site Facilitation of a District Strategic Plan

An experienced Cambrian Facilitator leads every aspect of the Strategic Planning process, over a period of 9 months, including: Initial Awareness Session(s) and communication throughout the district, Exploration of Strategic Thinking, First Planning Session, Preparation of Action Team Leaders, Development of Action Plans, Second Planning Session, Phasing and Resource Allocation.  

The intent is the continuous creation of [a community-based, unique, indispensable, vital, holistic system of] learning and teaching worthy of your students.  Facilitation includes training in the development of school/site plans in a strategic context, the replacement of traditional job descriptions with Mutual Commitments and Expectations. Principles of continuous creation are instilled in the system.

Contact us for more information on scheduling an on-site Awareness Session with a Cambrian Associate and to receive a proposal designed specifically for your district.

On-Site Facilitation

Internal Facilitator Training

The 3.5 day course, offered at various locations across the country, is the ultimate in professional development. 

The objective is to train, equip, and support district staff members either to facilitate the district planning process or to serve as an internal facilitator in coordination with a Cambrian Associate.

The course includes...

  • Examination of authentic strategy

  • Introduction to Strategic Thinking

  • Instruction and case-study practice of the Cambrian Planning DISCPLINE

  • Instruction and practice in every step of the Cambrian Planning PROCESS

  • Instruction in Strategic Action and continuous creation

  • Principles and methods of agreement-based decision making and successful means of communication and community engagement.

In addition, participants receive a textbook, manuals, PowerPoints and materials needed for facilitating a strategic plan in their district, along with one year of telephone support. Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion and joins a Network of approximately 16,000 administrators who have attended this program over the past 30 years.

Contact us for more information or to register to attend an Internal Facilitator Training Program.

Internal Facilitator Training



The entire Strategic Plan can be managed by way of web-based software solution designed specifically for the Cambrian process and discipline.

The software will allow you to track progress on strategic objectives and action plans both graphically and in text format. It will track the annual work plan for staff assigned responsibility for implementation to ensure accountability throughout the organization.


The software includes password protected access within a range from “total access to view and change information” to a “view only” capability. The level of access is assigned by the software administrator within the district. Changes can be easily accomplished as a result of Plan Updates while the original information is archived to maintain a 

historical perspective while allowing for the dynamic nature of a truly Strategic organization.

Contact us for more software demonstrations and pricing
(training included with software).

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