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Typically, social class is defined and differentiated by rank, level, or position within an established or accepted order--cultural, economic, intellectual, physical--according to its own criteria. Whether the classification is "natural" or "artificial,' the person is objectified by grouping, assigned a relative place on a scale, correspondingly valued, and left at that. The imposed order is fixed and must be served.

It is a fateful irony that this approach does more to define the makers of the scheme than those it demands confirm. But class is not determined by conformity to criteria. It is, rather, subjective, the living expression of character arising from the person’s essential triune nature--body, soul and spirit, one necessarily chosen as a dominant "way of life."

In this book, each of these human attributes is examined in its full meaning and implication--philosophical and practical--with the intent of evoking each person’s inherent nobility.

Class: The Social Order

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